Gurjit Singh Matharoo was Visiting Faculty at School of Architecture (Center for Environmental Planning and Technology, CEPT) and School of Interior Design, from 1992 until 2016. From 2016-2019, he held the position of Design Chair.

He has also been Visiting Faculty for the Masters course in Transportation Design, at the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad.


Guest Speaker at "Rajasthan Architecture Festival", 2022, Jaipur
Lecture at FEED (Forum for Exchange and Excellence in Design)at Vishwa Bhavan, Pune
Lecture at Goa-'Earth Matters', and workshop with the students of Goa College of Architecture & CEPT at Goa titled ‘Chapel of the hills’
‘Being MA-terialistic’. Presentation of work and concepts at IED, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat
Material Formations, Architectural League, NYC. At the ‘Emerging Exchanges: New Architectures of India’ Conference, New York
‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’ to the International Studio Participants at Sangath, Ahmedabad
‘Of Guzzlers, Polyester and Concrete Jungles’. CEPT, Ahmedabad
Lecture and Presentation of work. Student Forum, SVIT, Vasad
Lecture and Presentation of work. MASA, Bangalore
CII Green Building Congress ‘Of Guzzlers, Polyester and Concrete Jungles’, Ahmedabad
Presentation of work, Zonal NASA, MS College Campus, Baroda
‘Nature & Phenomenon’. Workshop at MS College Campus, Baroda
Presentation of work, Student Forum CEPT. Campus, Ahmedabad Mar 12, 2004
‘Tensigrity Structures’, A 3-day workshop at CEPT. Campus, Ahmedabad with Prof. Satsangi, CEPT
Presentation of work at ‘Indian Institute of Architects’ Mangalore Chapter
‘Characteristics of Strength versus Strength of Character’. A 3-day workshop on lateral thinking conducted on campus. Manipal Institute of Technology,
Lecture and presentation of work for students from the 7 schools of Architecture in Pune at Dr. B.N. College of Architecture
‘Nature & Phenomenon’ A 3-day workshop on development of lateral thinking by making installations at Dr. B.N. College of Architecture Campus
‘Personality and Thing’ A 3-day workshop on development of lateral thinking by making installations. CEPT Campus
‘Ashwinikumar Crematorium’. National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) Mumbai
‘Lecture and Presentation of work at ‘KRIYA’ for the Annual Festival.
Presentation of works to a group of architects from Ticino and Milan at ‘Equator’ Forum, Milan
Lecture and Presentation at Ambri in the office of Architect Giorgio Guscetti, at Architecture Society, Switzerland
Lecture and Presentation of work at Khalid Al. Najjar Architects, Dubai
IED, Vallabh vidyanagar, Gujarat
Thesis Guide
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