The Pan Indian Travelling Studio is a workshop based design studio held in various locations of the Indian Sub-continent. Each year, it is mentored by three different practicing Architects and Academicians, each with a particular take on architecture and their urban/regional context. Each week, the participants travel to a new location and engage in a design exercise that responds to the distinctly different context where they are exposed to the issues of geography, built environment and society in an immersive and intense manner. The last week is designed to be reflective in nature and allows participants to tie loose ends, interact with other experts and finally mount a critical design idea that reflects their understanding of the month long exercise, ending in a Master Jury.

Past mentors include Rajesh Renganathan (Bangalore), Mona Doctor-Pingel (Auroville), Pratyush Shankar (Leh) and Gurjit Singh Matharoo (Udaipur)