Dune 2 – V4, 2000
The hubless wheel, rigid frame, up down swivel handlebar, all enclosed bike of 87, the Dune, has been evolved into a new simplified conception, the Dune 2.
With an attempt to do away entirely with moving parts the chassis is born a motorcycle with engine mounted twin arms holding the two wheels with steering, suspension drive and brakes all incorporated within the wheel rims.
The engine for this venture is a V4 symmetrically titled forward to bring it closest to the front wheel. The lifted crankshaft allows for a vertically mounted gearbox leaving the rear completely empty. The space between the V is the ramair fed airbox.
The bodywork is contoured though the engine is exposed. The four 4 into one exhaust under the seat is partially displayed and the pillion seat cover can be attached under the exhaust drum when not in use. The lights and mirror are add on features.