There are people with talent and passion like you and there are others with means to execute. Your interpretation of the 999 is nice, though our approach has been of evolution as has been the case in the past at Ducati. You should keep up your good work and these wooden models. They are history as far as we know them here.

- Ducati Chief Designer Pierre Tierblanchea Ducati Factory, Bologna

‘Front and Rear ‘Y’ Swing Arms Mounted on Testastretta Engine’

Pivoted on the torsion spring situated at the valley of the ‘V’ are the two arms holding the mono shocks from front and rear single sided ‘Y’ shaped arms. These two arms are directly pivoted on the crankcase.

All body parts are further hung on the engine making the frame redundant and therefore absent. The exaggerated anatomy inspired parts makes up for the minimal body.