They are all workable ideas, besides having problems of efficiently lubricating the chambers etc. the concepts are solvable & I could develop them for you but It’ll still be expensive. 

Alternatively, you could get someone like Valentino (Rossi) to endorse your ideas, companies will bend head over heels to process those.

- Ex Chief-Ferrari Formula One Mouro Forghiesi in Modena, Oct 2000

The Iccipuzzi 2000 is the next step in evolution over the 1989 Iccipuzzi, of a mid engine super car. The W12 concept is revised and it now has 2 banks of 90 degree V6 placed along 

side each other. It still has 2 counter rotating synchromeshed crankshafts. The gearbox is mounted amidships. The drive passes back through the gap between the 2 vees to the differential. Making it the shortest 12 cylinders engine, which is also mounted very low.

The spoilers on the front, roof and rear blend with the body contours and project up with speed. The scoop for the radiator is cut into the side panel and induction inlets on the side of the rear fins. The doors are parallelogram lift, the first of its kind on a car using minimum side space and minimum height too.

The four wheels occupy the farthest corners. The W configuration along with no overhangs makes it a very short super car. The attempt is yet to have flowing contours within a short span.