‘Inverse fuel tank exhaust, swingarm suspension mounted on engine’

“I compliment Mr. Matharoo on his imaginative ideas. Though some appear to have been born more from a desire to be different than for practicality of purpose, examples like the ‘Irerai’ (Integrated radiator exhaust ram air induction) are a different matter. I believe this design deserves to be taken further. It’s a pity Bimota aren’t in business any more, otherwise I’d suggest he contact them to see if they’d like to put it into metal!”

Alan Cathcart ‘Auto Car’ magazine September 2001.

The Irerai (Integrated ram air, radiator, exhaust induction) super bike is a simple statement of combined elements of frame less body, swing arm suspension on both ends and heated ram air induction.

The engine chosen is a forward tilt 4 in line unit with a geared camshaft on one side. The 4 in to 2 exhaust runs through a sealed air tube (read lower body fairing) into which the air is fed after passing through the low mounted radiator.

The suspension is through single sided swing arm on both ends with the shock absorbers mounted on the side of engine (front) and top of engine (rear). The steering is collapsible in the direction of vehicle and rigid in other with 2 pivot points. The lateral displacement is accommodated through eccentric bearing in the steering pivot mounted on a sub frame. Another sub frame holds the seats and exhaust in place.