Thrust vertical V twin naked bike

Over History we have been behind new ideas and concepts like this V8, under the engine suspension over there and a host of others. I have been here the longest and have seen the company go through some very good and bad times. Once it stabilizes again I suggest you make a presentation of your works and concepts. I am hopeful you’ll get a commission from us.

- Designer and Longest serving MotoGuzzi employee, Umberto Todero, MotoGuzzi Factory, Mandelro del Laria, Lake Como

The need to push CG to the front most, a twin that gives equal justice to both cylinders and yet dose not foul with either the rider’s legs or the road and possesses an essential pure bike character culminated in this resolution christened. Thrust to celebrate the ‘Thrust’ bearing, the main component of the engine and its character.

The suspension is a two-grade unit working in phase tandem mounted directly on to the engine and so are other components. The ram air exhausts ducts are exposed so are the tanks, the light and the footrest, which are also, mounted directly on the fully stressed block in the absence of any frame.